The seed processing facility has different varieties of seeds, so that the producer along with the seedbed advisors choose the appropriate one according to the study of the soil and the climate of the area. After the years 2011/2012 campaign we installed, through agreements with Nitragin, a professional seed treatment plant with a curing capacity of 100 bags per hour allowing us to provide our customers with a comprehensive service, providing them with high quality seeds ready to sow until 90 days before planting.

This new technology makes it possible to match up birth, improve nodulation and BNF, achieve greater vigor and growth and improve the use of the available resources in the soil.

ISO 9001.

Our goal is to become the best option in the area to obtain quality controlled seeds, differentiating us from our competitors for the cost-benefit relationship, reliability, service level and quality. That is why, in 2009 the seed processing facility began to work on the implementation of a quality management system under ISO 9001 standards that allows us to standardize and follow all the processes from sowing to bagging obtaining premium quality seeds to offer to our customers.

Quality Policy

The Trenque Lauquen seed processing facility as part of Lartirigoyen y Cía. S.A., a service company for agriculture, is committed to carrying out the design, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001, with the participation of all its staff.


Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

- Maximize the synergy between the different operations in order to provide services in competitive conditions that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and concerned parties, complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

- Align efforts and motivate everyone in order to raise awareness of the impact that each person has on the achievement of organizational objectives.

- Encourage teamwork to enhance individual and organizational achievements.

- Work under a system of continuous improvement, applying the best practices, to achieve reliable products and processes, ensuring industrial safety and hygiene, and environmental protection.

- Offer new products and / or services that allow us to be the best option for our external and internal customers.

- Contribute to the cultural change of the organization so that Quality Management expands to the rest of the company.

On 14/11/2016 the certification follow-up audit was carried out in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 of the Trenque Lauquen Seed Processing Facility, in which it was demonstrated that work continues to be under the guidelines of the standard required, therefore, we maintained the certificate. Our certificate can be consulted using the link on the page (certificate number 01 10006 095368).